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VARIOTHERM newborn resuscitation table

The baby warmer supplies and stabilizes the newborn immediately after birth. The integrated cradle and accessories offer a comfortable and easy-to-use device for optimal thermal care and revitalization.

The VARIOTHERM product line is modular and can be adapted to different situations such as examinations, resuscitation or intensive care. With a variety of accessories, the resuscitation table can be upgraded to a fully functional care facility.

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  • the table can have a static or adjustable height and can be equipped with a heated gel mattress;
  • two CERAMOTHERM 3200 ceramic heating elements, with a total power 800 W;
  • safe double-wall edges with different height configurations;
  • integrated high-performance reflector effectively and evenly spreads infrared radiation over the entire patient surface ;
  • the 4000K color temperature of the examination lamp guarantees excellent illumination and is suitable for examinations and minor procedures or even operations;
  • the radiation in any table configuration is focused on the patient without affecting the treating staff or parents.


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