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TV-100 portable lung artificial ventilation device

The ventilator TV-100 offers the latest technology and provides modes for all categories of patients in intensive care, its compact design is ideal for transport.

Application: In air and ground vehicles, hospitals between departments, intensive care unit, emergency services, recovery rooms, sub-acute care.

Uzzināt vairāk
Preces apraksts
  • turbine built into the fan, which provides air supply without an additional external compressed air resource;
  • oxygen supply from an oxygen cylinder or from an oxygen concentrator;
  • color display with touch screen ;
  • ventilation modes:
    • assisted pressure controlled,
    • assisted PRVC controlled,
    • assist volume controlled,
    • pressure CPAP,
    • volume CPAP,
    • biphasic NPPV,
    • CPAP NPPV,
    • pressure SIMV,
    • volume SIMV.

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