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Saline wipes

Saline wipes are gentle and skin-friendly. Studies have shown that using alcohol wipes can damage a baby's delicate skin, and alcohol can enter the bloodstream. With this in mind, several hospitals have started using sterile saline wipes to clean the skin after disinfection and before invasive procedures.

Uzzināt vairāk
Preces apraksts
  • can be used to clean before taking a blood sample from the heel;
  • ideal for eye procedures and tracheotomy;
  • can also be used to clean the tip of the breast or other delicate areas;
  • each napkin is packed in a separate package;
  • storage: 3 years from the moment of production;
  • each box contains 1200 napkins, assembled in 12 smaller boxes - 100 pieces each;
  • one wipe contains 0.9% sodium chloride.


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