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Optiflow 850 High Flow Oxygen Therapy System

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  • system consists of air/oxygen mixer, MR850 humidifier with 900MR806 heating cable and 900MR868 temperature/flow probe, RT330 oxygen therapy circuit and OPT312, OPT314, OPT316 nasal cannulas;
  • air/oxygen mixer provides a mixed air/oxygen gas supply to the patient;
  • MR850 humidifier delivers optimally humidified gas to critically ill patients, promoting gas exchange. Uses advanced algorithms to optimize moisture delivery;
  • RT330 circuit consists of 1.5m heated tube, 0.5m connecting tube with chamber, MR290 self-filling humidification chambers;
  • OPT nasal cannulae are made of soft and flexible thermoplastic, the cannula branches and base fit well to the skin under the patient's nose. Max flow: 8 L/min.

Optiflow description of nasal cannula (video)

Optiflow Junior 2 instructions for use (video)

Optiflow Junior 2 installation instructions (video)

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