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Neopuff mechanical breathing apparatus

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  • Neopuff T-type resuscitator is suitable for use in the delivery room, postnatal ward, operating room, during transport, in special pediatric care units and in the neonatal intensive care unit;
  • T type resuscitator is a manually adjustable, gas-flow resuscitator that provides the neonate with breaths at a set flow with consistent peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) and positive expiratory pressure (PEEP);
  • Noepuff provides oxygen concentrations from 21% to 100% with flow meter or mixer;
  • resuscitator can provide consistent PEEP for transport or ventilation during circuit changes;
  • the resuscitator can be placed on a stand, wall, rail, newborn warmer or incubator;
  • the built-in pressure gauge measures and displays accurate pressure.

Neopuff installation and operating instructions (video)

Instructions for use of Neopuff masks (video)

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