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LifeStart newborn resuscitation table

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  • LifeStart system provides bedside resuscitation of the newborn without cutting the umbilical cord;
  • LifeStart system provides a stable, heated platform for neonatal resuscitation. The system is very compact with electrically operated height adjustment. A timer with an audio alert allows the worker to monitor the birth. An integrated medical rail allows staff to add other equipment, such as a pulse oximeter, and configure the placement of devices to suit the user's needs;
  • LifeStart is versatile enough to take care of all clinical situations. Patient heating is provided by the AlphaCore5 heating mattress, which is part of the resuscitation platform. An injection pump suitable for use by newborns can be installed and offered for the system. System adjustable air/oxygen mixer and infant resuscitator available;
  • for resuscitation with the umbilical cord not disconnected, the height of the platform can be adjusted so that the infant is at the correct height to the placenta. The very compact design and easy maneuverability allow the device to be placed close to the bed or operating table according to the length of the umbilical cord. In addition to resuscitation, the device provides a suitable environment for the treatment of the child. This allows the newborn to remain close to the mother, helping to reduce parental anxiety during delivery;
  • widespread clinical evidence of the benefits of delayed umbilical cord disconnection. LifeStart provides an opportunity to realize this benefit while allowing immediate resuscitation of the baby.

LifeStart newborn resuscitation table video

LifeStart newborn resuscitation table usage video

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