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IN series heating thermos

Uzzināt vairāk
Preces apraksts
  • natural convection;
  • constant regulation of warm air admixture;
  • ventilation connection with limiting valve;
  • PID microprocessor temperature controller with an integrated autodiagnostic system error indicator;
  • built-in digital timer;
  • LED display for displaying the current digital temperature as well as the remaining process time;
  • electronic temperature monitoring system with mechanically adjustable temperature limiter;
  • fully insulated stainless steel door;
  • glass inner door;
  • available volumes: 32 L, 53 L, 74 L, 108 L, 161 L;
  • easy-to-clean interior made of stainless steel;
  • places for fixing shelves and grids inside;
  • settable temperature range: from + 20 °C to + 80 °C;


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