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Huntleigh Dopplex vascular dopplerographs

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  • high-resolution color display representing waveform with high accuracy;
  • bidirectional waveform is generated from digital doppler spectrum with automatic scaling;
  • maximum waveform accuracy and clarity, especially important in patients with poor blood flow;
  • arterial and venous mode;
  • all new XS probes are calibrated and adjusted for optimal use;
  • option to change probes;
  • additional PPG probe provides easy and accurate finger pressure measurement;
  • digital sound processing reduces background noise;
  • USB port for data export and battery charging;
  • data storage on a MicroSD card;
  • data storage and processing program DR5.

Dopplex Doppler Waveforms and Sounds Video

Dopplex DMX usage video

Dopplex ATP Ankle&Toe usage video

Dopplex DR5 application video

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