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Huntleigh Dopplex ABility Automatic ABI System

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  • Dopplex ABility has revolutionized the ankle-brachial index (ABI) determination process and provides automatic, easy, fast and accurate measurements without the need to sedate or rest the patient;
  • the simple use of the device provides quick ABI measurements in just 3 minutes;
  • Dopplex ABility also records ankle pulse volume waveforms, providing illustrative evidence in diagnosis; this is especially important for patients prone to arterial calcification, such as diabetics;
  • results are reflected on the LCD screen and can be saved in DR4;
  • DR4 program provides a full-fledged printout of the conclusion for documentation and PDF generation, as well as the possibility to connect with the institution's registrar (GDT interface);
  • Dopplex ABilitymeasures the pressure in both arms and uses the higher one for the ABI calculation. It is the basis for accurate ABI measurements and complies with existing international guidelines;
  • Dopplex ABility is the only automatic ABI meter based on volumetric plethysmography that can measure ABI measurements within <1.57.

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