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Evaqua 2 artificial respiration circuit

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The contour is designed to work with the MR850 active humidification device. It is capable of providing optimal temperature and humidity (37°C, 44 mg/LH2O) to patients under both invasive and non-invasive ventilation conditions. The built-in spiral heating cable ensures optimal humidity control in different contour positions. The flexibility of the contour and the low flow resistance reduce the work of breathing. The latest technology Evaqua exhalation tube ensures the release of water vapor through the walls of the tube, leaving aerosols and microorganisms inside the circuit. The latest technology Evaqua advantages:

  • closed circuit without moisture collection vessels;
  • no ventilation equipment alarms related to increased amount of condensate;
  • dry exhalation filters;
  • constantly low flow resistance;
  • reduced work of breathing for the patient;
  • faster circuit connection and less worry about condensate during breathing.


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