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Enlight 2100 pulmonary electrical impedance tomograph

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  • an advanced electrical impedance tomography (EIT) system compatible with all ventilators and supporting doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists in mechanical ventilation;
  • the system provides real-time visualization of lung function;
  • the system uses only imperceptible electrical current (no radiation is used);
  • the resulting resistance changes are measured by electrodes placed around the patient's chest;
  • clear and functional images are created , which reflects the regional distributions of ventilation and perfusion;
  • the system's tools and information allow the physician to develop an individual, targeted and timely ventilation strategy based on the patient's needs;
  • using the system, the physician can easily visualize and understand the effect of ventilation on the patient;
  • can detect early respiratory deterioration;
  • can be used continuously from intubation to weaning;
  • reduces the need for radiological examinations and transport to imaging diagnostic equipment.

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