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BiliCare System bilirubin meter

BiliCare accurately and conveniently measures and evaluates bilirubin levels, determining the risk of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. The latest generation bilirubin meter that works on the principle of transmitted light.

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  • easy to use, bilirubin is measured on the earpiece of the newborn;
  • the device can be used for babies with a gestational age of >24 weeks;
  • the measurement is not affected by motion artifacts;
  • verified clinical studies in which it has been proven that the results of this method are comparable to the results of blood tests;
  • the measurement gives an answer the first time, but you can also perform 2-3 measurements and take the average arithmetic result;
  • can be used with or without entering a doctor's or baby's ID number (a barcode reader is available on the back of the device);
  • touch screen can be used with or without gloves.


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