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 400+  products
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DIAMOND® meets the requirements and prerequisites of the surgical disciplines of every operating room. Red Dot Design Award Winner.

ALCON Pharmaceuticals - a world leader in the development and innovation of equipment and accessories for cataract surgeries.

Exciting news! German manifacturer SCHMITZ has commercially released its newest gynecological chair medi-matic.

The Swiss manufacturer “Schiller” presents the newest EKG pressure testing equipment CARDIOVIT CS-104.

We are one of the leading medical service companies in Latvia

We provide a high-quality service and functionality with a wide range of options.
The package of services – designing, supply, assembly, warranty and post-warranty service – will ensure that you can work worry-free.




Alcon congress in Vilnius

NMS ELPA, in co-operation with Alcon, organises the congress “Presbyopia correction and biometry for cataract patients”

BCOS congress in Tallinn

NMS ELPA took part in the congress “Baltic Congress of Oncologists and Surgeons 2023”

New gynaecological examination chair medi-matic®

German manufacturer SCHMITZ has released a state-of-the-art gynaecological examination chair model medi-matic®

Product catalogue

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