Designing and installation

Genuine care for the patient and medical staff

We are leaders in:

Designing medical gas and compressed air systems;

Designing nurse call systems;

Designing and implementing modern technological solutions for hospitals and clinics throughout Latvia, introducing state-of-the-art technologies in medical care.

We pay attention to every detail, making sure that every patient receives a quality service and that our staff can work in a modern and safe environment.

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Our operating plan

Assessment of the current system;

Designing new systems;

Design and supply of medical technologies;


What we handle

Medical gas systems and compressed air systems;

Nurse call systems;

Designing medical technologies for medical establishments.

SIA “NMS ELPA” observes European Union standards in the design and installation of Medical Gas Systems (MGS) and Nurse Call Systems (NCS).

A fundamental rule of safety that we ensure at any hospital, laboratory and medical centre is continuous and stable supply of medical gases.

We have designed and installed MGS and NCS in more than 20 hospitals and clinics.

Completed projects

Private Surgery Clinic “AIWA Clinic”

NMS ELPA takes part in the construction of the new international surgery clinic Aiwa clinic. The clinic offers the provision of surgical services to patients in an ambience that resembles a home as much as possible.

Reconstruction of floor 4 and 5 of the Jūrmala Hospital

NMS ELPA carries out construction works of a medical gas supply systemnurse call system and vacuum system on the 4th floor of SIA “Jūrmalas slimnīca”.

Installation works are ongoing at the Medical Centre “ARS”
“Rigaer Turn-Verein” and “MAMA Rīga” clinic at 1 Vingrotāju Street in Riga
Reconstruction of block 8 of RP SIA “Rīgas 1.slimnīca”
Intensive care unit of Jelgava City Hospital
ORTO clinic
Unit of Pathological Anatomy, North Kurzeme Regional Hospital
Opening of Valmiera Hospital
Opening of the Jelgava Hospital surgical facilities
Unit of Pathology, Jelgava Hospital
Children’s Clinical University Hospital
Consoles at the Kuldīga Hospital surgical and resuscitation facilities
Cēsis Hospital Admissions Department

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Ilmārs Čurkste
Ilmārs Čurkste
Board member
Phone: (+371)  67 245 652
Mobile: (+371)  29 575 986
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