News  /  2022

Beghelli SanificaAria 30 and SanificaAria 200

For several months now, SIA "NMS ELPA" has been successfully cooperating with the Italian manufacturer Beghelli, distributing innovative UV lamps for air purification and disinfection in the territory of Latvia.
In connection with the increased prevalence of various respiratory diseases and flu, we offer the opportunity to purchase air disinfection equipment from the Italian manufacturer - Beghelli: SanificaAria 30 and SanificaAria 200.
It is essential that:
Air purification and disinfection is carried out with human-safe UV-C technology;
The design of the equipment will fit into any interior;
UV lamps effectively prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria between people in public places, including "killing" coronaviruses;
If these devices are used, staff do not get sick or get sick very little, which significantly affects the working environment, etc.
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