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"NMS ELPA", Ltd was founded in 1997 and has 25 years of successful experience in the Baltic market. "NMS ELPA", Ltd is one of the leading medical service companies in Latvia. We provide high quality service with the widest range of options. Complex of services - design, delivery, installation, warranty and post-warranty service - we will ensure your work without any extra worries.
Our main fields are :
  • design and installation of Nursecall systems;
  • equipment delivery and service for anesthesia and artificial ventilation;
  • design and installation of medical gas systems;
  • delivery, installation and service of medical compressors;
  • equipment supply and  services fo operating rooms, intensive care and perinatal centers;
  • delivery and service for eye surgery and laser apparatus;
  • equipment for private medical practices and rehabilitation centers.
"NMS ELPA", Ltd guarantees regular maintenance and high level service. The company's engineers have obtained their qualifications in higher education universities in Latvia and perfected their skills in qualification courses in Germany, Sweden, France, Switzerland and the United States.
Company "NMS ELPA", Ltd is characterized by professionalism, accuracy and speed.
"NMS ELPA", Ltd financially supports scientific conferences, provide new medical equipment and medical techniques in Latvia, as well as the necessary medical training for the devices.